Shouting From a Mountaintop: I Have a Blog!

For more than three months in the summer of 1970, my family lived in a car and pop-up camper as we travelled west from Ontario across the prairies, into the mountains of Alberta and B.C., and north to the Yukon and Alaska. For me, at age four, it was the trip of a lifetime, openingContinue reading “Shouting From a Mountaintop: I Have a Blog!”

Loving Dandelions in all their Life Stages

Does this ever happen to you: you go looking for something and along the way, you get distracted, and forget what you were looking for in the first place? It happens to me all the time. Retracing my steps will usually help, but that’s only if I remember that I was supposed to be lookingContinue reading “Loving Dandelions in all their Life Stages”

When Life Bites, Remember Favourite Things

Ever since Christopher Plummer died, I’ve been hearing lines of songs from The Sound of Music wafting through my brain. I can’t remember whole songs, just a line or two, but my mother could belt out entire tunes from musicals with, in her younger days, a few dance steps thrown in. She thought Christopher PlummerContinue reading “When Life Bites, Remember Favourite Things”

3:00 a.m. Postcard from My Broken Brain

Hello out there, It’s me, in here. In the house, yes, but also trapped in the attic of my brain. It’s dark. Cluttered. Crammed with broken furniture and dusty, rolled up rugs. There’s a weird smell. And I’m 95% sure a spider just scittered across my hand. It’s 3 a.m. The only light is fromContinue reading “3:00 a.m. Postcard from My Broken Brain”

Stuck in my PJs with a Sprout on my Head

It’s only 7:15 pm, but I’ve already hung the Do Not Disturb Sign on the bedroom door, lit the scented candle, and slipped into something more comfortable. Not a negligée, of course, but some loose PJ pants, an oversized men’s t-shirt, and absolutely no bra. The goal is comfort, not attractiveness, although I do makeContinue reading “Stuck in my PJs with a Sprout on my Head”

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